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February 15th, 2013, 07:31 AM
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I just found out my sister is 6 weeks pregnant with her 3rd last week, so she made me go and buy an Ovulation kit ($50 freakin bucks!!) to get my act together and get on it!!

I'm 28 years old, been married for 4.5 years. We're finally financially stable enough to have a baby! I have been off BC since August, so we've been not protected but not really crazy trying either.

This was our first month really actually trying. I had a positive LH surge wednesday 2/6 which lasted 4 days. We TTC two of those days, the second session being pretty plentiful

Here's my BBT:
2/9 : 98.4!!! -- O???
2/10: 97.5
2/11: 97.6
2/12: 97.7
2/13: 97.7
2/14: 97.7
2/15: 97.7 (today) - not looking too hopeful

I think I O'd on the 9th only because I felt so different and my pains were there. People say I didn't because of my temperature increase. I actually think I took my temp at night that day by accident so maybe that day's should count.

If I O'd on the 9th, that puts me at 6 DPO.

All week dull pains on O side.

This morning gas pains.

I know it's too early for symptoms, but the TWW is killing me.

AF is due Wed 2/20. I might test Sunday. I feel like I'm not pregnant now, which will stink because we really tried. I would think how did not ONE of those guys find my egg?!?!? ha.

OI day 6

Oh, and probably TMI but my nipples have been staying pretty hard and out a bunch more- which is strange for me.
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