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February 15th, 2013, 08:35 AM
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So we have the boys (James') every weekend. BM and James have not had any legal court date for custody, visitation ext. We do have a support date for the 25th (he has been a good man paying support every month since they moved out last year).

Well, its a issue every month, because James has requested that the 3rd Friday we don't have them and pick them up by 10am on Saturday morning. I think its more of a restart button for us being with everything thats been going on plus my 4 all week.

Well, yesterday we recieved a text from BM stating if he was getting them by 10 on Saturday in which he replied yes..then she wrote this long text after in which he didn't reply of how he only sees his kids 55 hours or so a week and that it sucks because she works on Fridays and how she had to explain to Logan that dad doesn't want him on the 3rd Fridays because spending time with Megan is more important blah blah blah..

Basically laying a guilt trip. She always has..Since the day Logan was born to get her way.. Hard to explain over the net, but when they were together she would use the boys to get her way and to excuse her behavior..basically they were used as pawns in the game of chess in james' life that she liked to play.

The boys are James' only blood (he was adopted ect) So he caves a lot when she uses them and she knows it. She's threatened him not to see the boys over little things like if he didn't give her extra money on top of the child support he pays and so on..

Is this normal is what I am getting at I guess? James knows a few guys at work that are split and they only see there kids every other weekend..and say a day during the week on the off week they don't have their kids..Keep in mind BM loves to party and thats what she does on her weekends..We have actually picked up a day here and there because she was working a "double" only to run into her out and about with other people.

Now once we go to the court date for support this month we are going to request a date for the whole custody/visitation because I believe it will put a stop to the whole "you can't see your kids bc of such and such" Its a mess.. Is normal blended families this chaotic??
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