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February 15th, 2013, 08:56 AM
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Thats what we would love to do.. But until the court tells her so..she calls him a bad father for not wanting them.. She works 2nd shift all week.. maybe see's her kids for a hour or so each day? I love the weekends when my kids are here instead of their dads..BUT she plays his hand and if he didn't take them one weekend w/o the court saying he will "pay for it" and come up with some evil scheme lol

She will also tell him that "this is the life you chose deal with it" regarding the one friday.. If you think about it its only a few hours. We don't pick them up until 5 on Fridays we run errands (pay day) and they are in bed by 11 that night.. There isn't any "quality" time spent there.

Also, would like to note she is very bitter towards me since. She's told James that it isn't fair that we live in a nice house and I get to stay home. She will feed into Logan's head (has already numerous times) that he likes my kids more and thats why they live here with THEIR MOTHER lol.. SMH
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