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February 15th, 2013, 05:59 PM
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For those who don't know, dh and I are expecting our first bundle later this year. My official due date is September 3rd, so it's looking like it will be a late summer baby.

We went up to Canada last weekend to share with my family, and finally got a hold of dh's parents in one place tonight on the phone (my fil was out of town for work until last night). Everyone has been great - screaming and crying from my mom, especially. We called my dsc shortly after, had my oldest dsd round everyone up and put us on speakerphone and told them they would have a new baby brother or sister in either late August or early September.

I was really nervous about how they would respond. I wasn't sure how they would feel... but what we got was lots of excited screaming. My oldest dsd A kept saying, "OMG! That's awesome! I can't believe it!" and my littlest dsd L said, "I'm really excited to have a new sibling. I really miss you." to dh. I about started crying. We miss them so much. My middle dss said, "Awesome!" and then promptly started asking about video game stuff. Boys. I'm not sure my youngest dss really understood, but he knew the other kids were excited so he started cheering too.

I'm not sure how my oldest dss is feeling. He was a little quiet when he got on the phone individually, but I'm not sure if he's having mixed feelings or it was because he had been in the middle of something. I hope that he's alright and if he is having mixed feelings, I hope that by the time the baby is here he's feeling more secure that it doesn't mean he is any less loved.

I'm really happy with the way it went. I'm annoyed that we still haven't gotten a court date and so our long distance visitation schedule has yet to be nailed down, but we're hoping to visit sometime in the spring before having them up here for a good chunk of the summer.

Anyway, I just wanted to formally "come out" and share how talking to the kids went. I'm sure that bm is flipping tables somewhere right about now, especially given the reaction and excitement, but considering this is the woman who once asked people to pray that I was infertile, I was never exactly expecting a congratulations from her when this day came. I just hope she keeps the drama stirring to a minimum, and doesn't fill the kids' heads with any, "You're being replaced" crap.

*Excitedly expecting baby girl number two!*

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