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February 15th, 2013, 11:03 PM
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We didn't discuss it. Why?

1. They watch the news with us over breakfast in the mornings, so they saw it with us.

2. They already understand how meteor-stuff works, because we've done the Apologia Astronomy book.

3. We'll do the astronomy book again in a couple more semesters, so I'll revisit this topic then.

4. We whole-heartedly believe what the Bible says about the final day of judgement, and it says Jesus is coming, not a meteorite; and it says no one will know when He's coming, unlike most meteorites; so we don't really care about stuff like this. Sure, one might hit the earth and do some damage, but the entire population won't be wiped out by it, and if we're right with God when it happens, it's not a big deal if it makes a direct hit on our house.

I wouldn't be offended by anyone asking if we discussed this with our kids. I'm not sure why people would respond to you in such a way. People are weird, I guess!
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