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February 16th, 2013, 08:29 AM
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Aw, poor little girl. I hope your daughter feels better soon. DS has a cough/congestion that bothers him a lot at night, but he's almost normal during the day. DH and I are fine, although DH has been feeling tired and took sort of a mental health day Thursday afternoon. It seems to have helped, and it sounds like work was at a real lull anyhow.

I finally felt really really good yesterday. I miss that! It feels like my nausea has dragged so far into this pregnancy. I don't really have cravings, except for tortilla chips. DH and I had decided with our whole budgeting thing to try to cut down foods that are low-value, like chips and seltzer, but I am about to backlash on that! Loving nachos has nothing to do with pregnancy though, that's just me.

Well, I should get something done around here while DH has DS out. It's so nice not to have anybody underfoot! Do your LOs tag along with you a lot, or are they more interested in each other? Do you have pets? Here, during the day, its just DS and me. Sometimes I feel like he anticipates my every move and puts himself right in my path. Arrrgh. He's a cutie though. Well, have a good weekend!
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