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February 16th, 2013, 11:06 AM
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We went through being bullied by an ex in-law. My husband's ex mother in law has tried to tell my husband what to do with his kids since day 1! She didn't even want him to have them. They tried to get their daughter to get an abortion. Drove her to the clinic and freaked when she refused to go in. Then after she had the twins they tried to have her sign guardianship over to them. She refused and they kicked her and the babies out. Then they tried to get her to come back when my husband and his family welcomed her in with open arms. It was a mess. After my husband's ex died the in-laws took him to court to try to take the girls from him. When they lost that and then lost trying to get court ordered visitation they started being halfway decent. They still try to stick their noses into things here and there. But my husband says its nothing like it used to be.

Sometimes you just need to be firm. It sounds like you were. Hoping it helps!
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