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February 16th, 2013, 06:43 PM
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OK ok I'm going to have you do mine lol. Even though I'm pretty sure it's going to say girl because of our unintentional girl sway oops LOL! But I'm just looking for stuff to occupy my time for the next month until we can try to get a confirmation on Max haha.

Date you conceived: 11/21 or 11/22 (ovulation dates)
Were you a smoker at time of conception: No
Was DH a smoker at time of conception: No
Were you drinking on or around the night you conceived: Yes LOL
Was DH drinking on or around the night you conceived: not sure, maybe?
Were you on Clomid: No
Did you have IUI or use IVF:No
Your BMI: not sure, I'm 5'3" and was about 138-139?
Do you use any of the following: Fans, Rock Salt Lamp, Ionizer? No
How old are you: 30
What position did you conceive in: Either missionary or doggy style lol
Did you have the big O: not sure
Did you DTD every day up to conception for 7 or more days? No
Did your husband abstain for over a week before DTD on the day of conception? Not sure.
Did you DTD every other day/a few times a week up to conception? Probably not but not sure
Were you or your husband sick when you got pregnant? No
Did your husband take a hot shower before you DTD? No
Does your husband wear boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs
What was your *cm* PH when you were TTC? BLAH way too low LOL. Probably was like a 4 or 5
Were you losing weight when you got pregnant? No actually had gained like 5 pounds blah
Weights? Cardio? No
Did you have a relatively low calorie diet? No
Did you eat a diet high in salt and protein? High in salt probably not that high in protein
Did you eat a diet high in calcium and magnesium? No
Were you stressed a lot around the time of conception? If so, were you stressed because you felt overwhelmed or stressed by the desire to succeed/be the best at something? No not really
Did you or your husband have any fertility issues? No
If you tried the "nub theory" did it suggest girl or boy? Don't have a single clear nub shot ugh.
Ramzi? Boy
Ella, age 10
Abby, age 6
Max, age 3

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