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February 16th, 2013, 10:21 PM
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Yeah I'm really not sure why some of them reacted the way they did. I know a couple of them said later in the discussion they felt I was attacking their religion. I honestly have no clue why or how, lol. Because I asked the very same questions here, as I did there. I don't see how it questions or attacks religion at all.
I'm the last person to do that to anyone. I don't have to share beliefs with someone to feel they have every right to have them. I honestly don't judge anyone based on religion and never would(in fact sometimes it fascinates me to read about others' beliefs). I grew up in a church/religion some look at with a head tilt, and have all kinds of issues with. I may not still believe everything I did, and may not still practice as I did then...but that's really neither here nor there. I'm neither "for" or "against" religion of any sort. So it's a but hard to swallow when people think I am judging theirs. It's not really possible for me to judge when I have no feelings in either direction, lol.

It's not a group of people I talk with a whole lot anymore. They're pretty judgmental when it comes to people who choose secular learning. So I already walk on egg shells. I should have known better, but I thought it was a safe topic
Part of why I love this board, even when it's quiet. There's no judgement

Anyway, to answer my own questions...
We've been talking a lot about astronomy and such, but we've been doing it since they were little. It's just a subject we find fascinating. The kids are a lot like me in that they want to understand absolutely everything, if that makes sense. So sometimes we go a bit overboard on our studying and research, discussions and such as well.
They've seen just about every video and webpage I can find about this particular incident because they also heard it on the news too. They already have a pretty good grasp on all kinds of things space-related. Gotta love my terrible terminology here. So it wasn't like trying to nail jello to a tree explaining it to them. Well explaining what happened, how it can happen, and things like this.
So we have talked about this one a lot. They do the same thing with all kinds of "disaster" related incidents too. Everything from weather to war, and everything in between.
It's not a subject I directly added to their curriculum, but it is part of their Science here and there. Just like a lot of other things are. Most textbooks, websites and reference books only scratch the surface though. When we have time we go a little deeper on subjects they want to learn more about. This happens to be one of them, among a million others, lol.
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