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February 17th, 2013, 09:13 AM
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Thats great to hear you had such an awesome day! yah thats a bummer your m/s is still lingering..Ihope that m/s gets kicked to the curb really soon so you can experience more great days like you had the other day. Ihad m/s realllllly bad with my 1st. and it lasted till almost 6 months, boy was I happy when I stopped puking. You feel like your living a whole new world again.

My youngest daughter ( 17months old ) will be my tail alot of times but also plays with the other kids really well. I can get them all to go play in their rooms for a bit or go outside and ride scooters so I can either do some cleaning or cooking. Somtimes they all want to tag along and I sorta make what im doing into play for them so they actually help , doesnt turn out to be help though and sometimes turns what im doing into a longer chore lool, but its all good.

We do not have any pets right now. While we were living in Saudi Arabia, we did have a couple of birds, they died but Dh and I have been talking getting a talking parrot. I think its all I can do for now. Pets are alot of work.

What about you, do you have any pets? Did you have any pets while growing up?
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