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February 17th, 2013, 11:54 AM
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In a nutshell:

Fri, 12/27/12 @ 41w4d & 3cm dilated
Early labor began at 5am
Water was broken at 10:30am
Active labor began at 12:30pm
4/5 cm @ 3:20pm
10cm @ 4:40pm
Dalya born @ 5:11pm

Women in both sides of my family tend to carry well into the 41 - 42 weeks, so it was no surprise when I went into labor with my first at 41w3d. I hoped for a NCB with him but after 12 hrs of active labor, chose to get an epidural. I was hopeful that my second would arrive earlier, but no such luck. Regular intimacy, walking, a teaspoon of castor oil, & even 2 trips to an acupuncturist yielded nothing. An ultrasound at 41w2d brought to light the fact that I had a greater-than-average amount of amniotic fluid in my uterus, & like a water balloon filled to the max, my uterus may be so full that it had no 'give' & therefore was struggling to even contract at all. After a lot of discussion & praying, I agreed to have my water broken at the hospital at 41w4d.

The morning I was scheduled to have my water broken, I fortunately began early labor on my own at around 5am, though the contractions were very spread out & irregular. I had been 3cm dilated for days, & at 10:30a I had my water broken by my midwife & began walking the halls with my sister. The conx slowly began to regulate & stayed at 5 min apart & easy to manage till 12:30p. My doula arrived at 12:40p, right as they began to pick up. From that point on, I remained standing, as sitting or kneeling caused my back labor to intensify. I knew from my first birth, which lasted 25 hours, that tensing up would only make the labor longer, so I somehow managed to stay quite relaxed thru each conx. Though I didn't listen to the HypnoBirthing regularly, it did help a great deal with active labor.

At 3p, I climbed into the jetted tub, only to find that it made conx less tolerable than standing did. Before getting out, I had a long & very intense conx, & began vomiting. At this point I asked for an epidural. I got out & was checked at 3:20 & was found to be 4-5 cm. Knowing the anesthesiologist had been called, I tried my best to remain calm, but found myself beginning to loose control. Fortunately I was encouraged to begin vocalizing, while I stood with my DH on one side & my doula on the other, each holding an arm while I leaned forward thru each conx. The nurse paged the anesthesiologist 4 times before she finally arrived an hour later, around 4:20. It was right at this time that the inevitable happened. Between conx, I looked up & apologized to everyone, but I had to 'go.' Sure enough, with the next conx, I ... er, went. Standing up. Yea ...

I laid down to be checked and amazingly, I was complete. No time for the epi -- it was time to push. At 4:40, I began pushing, & at 5:11p, my baby girl, Dalya, entered the world. I was so relieved that she seemed healthy & that I didn't tear, & even moreso that the pain had ended. So I thought ...

Shortly after bonding with her for a bit, my back began hurting severely, & I handed her over to be weighed. 8 lbs 3 oz -- not bad for 11 days past due! As she was being tended to, I suddenly felt a conx & the need to push. I began pushing out blood & clots, which was followed by my room being filled with doctors & nurses. They worked quickly to stop the hemorrhaging & fortunately were able to, though at one point an operating room was being prepped for a blood transfusion & possible hysterectomy. But in the end, my body recovered & I was able to finally enjoy our new addition to our beautiful family!
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