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February 17th, 2013, 12:00 PM
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I had carpal tunnel and tendonitis before I ever got pregnant. I have made good use of these items:

For Tendonitis: MedSpec Universal Ryno Lacer Wrist Brace Long - Left - Black: Health & Personal Care

If you buy it, make sure you look under the "color" option to select whether you want it to be a left brace or a right brace. I got into a wicked email fight with them about mine and I had to get Amazon involved. This was because when I selected it off the main search page on Amazon it was listed as "left" (what I needed) it did not say anything about options in the description or in the ordering box. I didn't care about color so why would I click on the color options box? They've changed the picture since but it was also a left handed picture when I got mine. So, labeled left, picture left, and no instructions stating that I have to pick a hand. Grrr. Still makes me mad today. The product is great though.

For regular carpal tunnel:

Walmart has a few braces that will work nicely, I would recommend one that extends further down your arm to keep you from forcing it to bend in your sleep. MedSpec on Amazon also has a few nice models that do that.

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