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February 17th, 2013, 09:49 PM
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please, honest opinions.

okay i'm new here. i'm 34 years old, divorced, single and mother to a 12 year old boy. a few days ago i found out that i'm about 12 weeks pregnant. i was not expecting it at all, my periods are pretty irregular. i don't even feel pregnant.

well the father is only 21, can barely take care of himself, lives with his parents. he's not my boyfriend, more like a fwb and he has a girlfriend. (i suspected the gf, but didn't know for sure until just recently.) anyway he was very sweet about the situation but naturally freaked out when i told him. he doesn't know how to or want to tell his gf or his parents. i don't blame him one bit with the age difference and all. and all he could ask me about was getting an abortion. he didn't say much else and i haven't heard from him in a few days now. i'm sure he'll call though.

when i was married several years ago and my son was about 2 years old, i found out i was pregnant. my husband, who was very controlling and physically abusive, found out he forced me to have an abortion. i'd found out later he'd been cheating on me and then he left my son and i about 6 months later. he hasn't even seen my son in about 6 years.

i've been single forever. i've always wanted another child ever since my horrible exhusband. the older i've gotten the more i realized i might not have the change to have another baby. but when i found out im pregnant now i was such a mix of emotions, happy and so excited but also scared to death. am i wrong for wanting to keep this baby? is it wrong or selfish of me to not really be concerned with what the father wants? i just can't go through the pain of another abortion again. i really like the father but i know there is no future with him. i can take care of the baby on my own, no problem. and he may come around at some point, he is a sweetheart. honestly he treats me better than any other man has before. i know things are a mess. what should i do?
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