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February 18th, 2013, 07:56 AM
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I never really thought I was ready to start a family until I found out that the odds of fertility were not in my favor for more than a few reasons (one ovary, cystic, thyroid condition, etc). While everyone is different, I can related to an example of one long time couple friends that doesn't make much sense to me. She says she doesn't want kids b/c her mom went crazy after having her and she doesn't want to go crazy too. I really don't think it's an actual condition to be predisposed to mental illness by having children. I know this couple takes trips and vacation every few weeks yet claims to never take a vacation or have time to themselves, it's a bit frustrating to relate to as a full time working parent. This couple loves being around other peoples kids so they do love children. They have 3 dogs so they aren't afriad of having responsiblities at home. It's just their choice. If they regret it, well that's not really my concern. I feel sorry for what they will miss out on, but if it's not a priority or important to them then they may feel sorry for what I may miss out on by NOT having kids.
Unlike the previous poster I don't think you are being judgmental or conceited. I think that your experience with the elderly has made you wonder what others will regret or take pride in the the twilight years. I wouldn't give your emotional energy into the what if's of others though, and change the feelings of pity to learning instead what fulfills their life.

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