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February 18th, 2013, 09:47 AM
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i revisited the curry tofu tacos since i wasn't happy with how the tofu came out last night. they were like 100% better this time. i added extra lime juice to my dressing for the kale and that was a lot better too.

tonight's dinner will involve quorn cutlets or ground quorn. haven't decided yet.

i found an interesting recipe for pea patties i want to try some time this week to see how carlos feels about them.

the past few days he has FINALLY taken an interest in eating breads. i need to find a delicious/nutritious sandwich he'll want to eat. yesterday i started small with a cheese sandwich which was basically one slice of bread folded in half. he ate half of that. another victory in my book! i bought him a boring yet nutritious wheat and a 7 grain.

does some kind of hummus on a sandwich sound good? i bought some avocado hummus for a company in boulder that's pretty good.
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