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February 18th, 2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Ember Rose View Post
I never said give her the benefit of the doubt. Well I have but not in this thread. I'm saying you appear to be extending a courtesy you don't feel in your heart. What I'm saying is quit being "nice" and just make her go to court for whatever a judge is willing to give her based on her past behavior and stop dealing with the grandparents if the state your case is in doesn't afford grandparents rights. You're annoyed and it seems like it's so disruptive to your life so just don't go through it anymore. Rather than do the textbook right thing just to say you did, go with your gut at this point.

You understand nothing about our situation because I'm pretty close to the vest as far as what I share with you. I haven't given you enough information for you to understand anything. And my viewpoint has less to do with my situation which is vastly different from yours and more to do with the tone and content of your posts. That being said (and taking your response into consideration) I'd STILL suggest just making her jump through the legal hoops. It has to be done where the kids are living unless something in their divorce decree says otherwise (if they were married before). With a court document they'd stop acting brand new if you structure it right and it would likely cut a lot of the headaches you've had with her and her mother off at the knees. And that's even if she bothers to file anything and doesn't just disappear again, which would also seem to resolve the situation. Which is what you'd like to see yes? Or are you just venting here?
Yes I am extending courtesy's I don't feel in my heart. Don't we all do what we think is right at times even if we don't want to? If I did what I felt in my heart this nonsense with bm would have ended years ago. But, we don't ever want the kids to think we kept them from their bm or her family so we had done what we could to facilitate a relationship. Until bm moved in with her parents the relationship with the kids and their grandparents was fine.

They are annoying me and dh. It isn't disrupting our lives, but I do come on here to vent about it. Do we want to stop all contact and force court? Probably not from the financial standpoint. We really don't have tons of extra money laying around for attorney fees and such. And many of the issues we have had with them lately wouldn't be handled by a court order anyways.

So like I said in this thread we are going to block them from contacting me or hubby except through e-mail. They can reach the kids on sd's cell during the reasonable hours it isn't blocked.

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