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February 18th, 2013, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by ashj_1218 View Post
I am having a similar weight "issue" this time. Its tough not to get concerned when you are not eating excessively and still are putting on weight substantially. But it is normal for some women, in some pregnancies. And you never know, you might be a gainer in early pregnancy this time and stop at 30 weeks (I did that with my second...gained 26lbs at 30 weeks and then only 3 more in the next 7 weeks). I think as long as you know you are making good choices and doing what you can, I would not be concerned. It doesn't sound like you have a hard time taking it off afterward (by your comment about not being a big girl to start). So it could just be what your body needs this time around.

I am up about 28lbs at 26 weeks. My previous gains were 0 and 29 with both delivering about 37 weeks. So this time, I KNOW I am going to at least 40, if not beyond. And I just have to allow it to happen. I am carrying totally differently this time, so that makes a difference too. Not to mention AT LEAST five of those pounds is boob. Lol. I have gained two cup sizes and a band size size since starting. And I wasn't a small girl up top to start. Apparently this one wants to make sure her food supply is secure

But glad the rest of the appt went so well and all is measuring right on track! Sounds pretty good all around!
Thank you! I've always gained fairly steadily throughout my pregnancies, but I guess this one could be different and slow down in the end... I hope I do lose the weight fairly easily, which is my only consolation. My husband doesn't understand why it upset me. He's like "You know you will loose it all breastfeeding". But I just remember how fat I felt those first few months, and it's not even a flabby tummy - which to me would be expected. My butt just felt HUGE and nothing fit! My hips have no problem spreading to accommodate a baby, lol!

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