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February 18th, 2013, 02:05 PM
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I homeschool my DS8 (my DD's, ages 16 and 6 are in public school)... on 2/7 he had his tonsils removed. I had planned on starting his "classes" up tomorrow (taking today off because his sisters have the day off for Presidents Day).

Last Thursday (2/14) he started hemorrhaging and had to have emergency surgery. He is recovering (again) but has asked when he can start school. His Dr said no school for 14 more days but his Dr doesn't know he is homeschooled. Well, he does know because I told him but he may not remember.

One of the joys of homeschooling is that he can do it anywhere, including bed. I am not sure I want him starting back up tomorrow but I certainly don't think he needs to wait 14 days.

As a homeschooling parent, what would you do?
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