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February 18th, 2013, 03:59 PM
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I could have written this post!

First, congrats on a great appt and baby growing!

Number 9 for me, my last one, I gained only 16 lbs and he was 9lbs 14 oz at birth. I walked out weighing less than I was at my first visit.

Now, I didn't tell you that to depress you I promise . This pg, same eating habits, everything. I'm 29 weeks and I've gained 25 lbs. I am really running out of skirts and shirts that fit. It's depressing to me as well. My hubby continues to be great and compliments me on how great I look, and I tell him he's lying . But I do believe our body will do what it needs to, and really it can come off afterward. Every pg is different. Please know that and that it not something you are doing wrong.

On a side note, I have usually gained more with a girl.....and I feel looked worse. My boys were fairly kind to their mama. This little girl not so much

I'm sure you look like a fabulous pg mama!
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