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February 18th, 2013, 04:24 PM
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Thanks ladies!

Having him wake me up with a waterfall of blood that morning has really turned me into a nervous mom. I called the doctors office today and asked how important the 14 day no school period was and she said if he was going to school, they wouldn't want him going to the actual school because of the flu that is going around. She also said he isn't supposed to be around large groups of people for at least a month and no traveling. This was all news to me. I thought the no traveling was just for 2 weeks... not a full month. Not that is is a huge deal... I had to cancel our Disney trip due to him missing so much school before I started homeschooling.

I am definitely going to play it by ear. I think I am going to have him start doing some school work on Wednesday... maybe take a usual one week lesson and drag it our for two weeks.
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