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February 19th, 2013, 06:50 AM
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Hey beautiful Mummas/Mummas to be!
I'm 2 days late for my period at the moment, I've taken 2 very cheap pregnancy tests (neither in the morning) but both with negative results.
I had my period last month, but it didn't last as long as usual and just seemed unlike my others.
I have a very (EW) snotty nose.. I rarely ever have to blow my nose and not only have I been blowing it constantly.. but also seeing blood in it? Never had this before.. Has anyone else had this symptom?
Besides that, my boobs are swollen, I am absolutely EXHAUSTED and seem to biting my partners head off every 5 minutes.. something he is not enjoying hehe!
We have been trying TTC for around 3 months now.. If this is it and I've worked it out correctly I would have concieved between the 1st - 7th of Jan!
So.. In short beautiful girls;
- has anyone else had the TMI symptom mentioned before??
- what are people's experiences with periods/negative cheap tests yet still being pregnant/feeling pregnant?

Thanks Ladies, Hope I don't sound silly
LeaLea x
Amy Lea-Lea
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