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February 19th, 2013, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by plan4fate View Post
How many weeks does your doctor want it in negative status before he/she will clear you for ttc? 3m?
I wish I could ask my doctor about such things but it seems now the only person I get to talk to is a nurse who finds me very annoying. . .

Their office never called with my number last week (I looked them up online so I stopped caring) but I had to call today to make sure they sent over the request for me to get my blood tested again today and the nurse seemed so annoyed and told me maybe she would get to it today!! But my doctor previously told me to try and go every week same day about the same time!! When I try to ask my other questions she always tells me we can go over that later. . . I know I am not critical anymore and it will take how ever long it takes for my numbers to go down but it is important to me!! I am trying to not care too much about this though because they were so good to me through everything else (my surgery etc) and the doctor called me personally several times - I get that I am just no longer a priority. . . it is just frustrating to me that they never let me know anything anymore and I am the only advocate for my continuing care.

Okay end of my vent and on the positive side - I went to visit my parents in New Orleans this weekend and went pretty much the whole weekend with out thinking too much about it all!! There are almost no pregnant women walking around NOLA and we had a really good time - great food and wine plus quality time with my parents. It was a great little get away weekend!!!

Some pics of my favorites from the weekend:

Cautiously expecting Seamonkey #2 Due Oct 4th

Missing our angels:
Molar pregnancy loss (12 weeks) - 1/2013
Missed Miscarriage (10 weeks) - 6/2013
Early Miscarriage (5 weeks) - 12/2016

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