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February 19th, 2013, 11:39 AM
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I have two kids, one is five and has just started school this past september and one is 18 months. I also have a full time job and went back to work after three months leave for both pregnancies. I usually clean the kitchen after making the morning and evening meals and i do all of the picking up on the main floor while the kids are eating their supper. that way it is clean when my husband walks in the door. He often doesnt get home until bedtime, so i wait and eat with him after I've put the kids to bed around 7pm. After the dishes are done, i use that time to do the deeper cleaning and use the chemicals. I vacuum the main rooms we use and the kids rooms every day and mop all the hardwood floors twice a week. The bathrooms are cleaned twice a week and the kids rooms are tidied together before getting tucked in each night with a deep cleaning from either myself or my husband when they are at their swimming or dance lessons on the weekend. This is a great time to make excess toys dissappear.
Laundry is a daily task as i like all the bedding to be washed weekly as well as the floor mats and sometimes the kids go through several outfits per day.
I can say i am looking forward to being able to put them to work to share the cleaning when they are older i could use some more hands to get the place sparkling the way i like it.
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