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February 19th, 2013, 04:24 PM
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So as I posted in the other thread we did find out we are on team pink!! I have to admit I was so worried we were not going to find out and it was making me super antsy! The tech ended up having to lift the table up and tilt me basically on my head for better pics of the brain and that is when little miss decided to uncross her legs! She asked what we saw and my cousin says well I see something and it looks like 3 lines. I shouted "That means its a girl!" And yep no mistaking that one Based off my lmp I would be due July 15th, from the first u/s I'm due July 21st, and after all my measurements yesterday I was measuring at almost 20wks with a July 9th due date. Since I have yet to see my new/old OB I don't know if he is going by the 21st or the 15th because the 21st wasn't documented in my chart. I think I just make big babies since Megan followed a similar pattern. And I guess I'm labeled as high risk but don't know why and won't be able to ask until my actual appt next Monday.
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