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February 19th, 2013, 07:38 PM
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Eh. I was fully aware of the different contraceptive methods before I started them at 19. I am the kind of person who reads the entire informational packet and also googles for more info.

I was on the pill while my husband and I were dating and it was fine. I was on the ring for a couple months around our wedding, and it made me very moody, so I stopped.

I've been charting for 6 years. I love it, I love knowing about my body. I'm proof that people with extremely irregular cycles can chart successfully. In fact, it let me know when my period was coming, which I NEVER used to know before (PCOS.)

But after this baby I think we're done and I'm thinking the most logical birth control choice for us will be the Mirena.

Most of our friends - the husbands will be getting vasectomies when they're done having children, but my DH isn't really comfortable with that, which is fine. I don't want a tubal, so...

When we are done, we are DONE. How many surprise pregnancies did I see hanging out on this board the time I did? Of course they were never called surprise pregnancies, but in the roll call for the month the mom would have answered TTA. They are fine with that, and that's great, but I am not fine with that. I want something that gives me the best chance of being "done" successfully. Not in ideal, perfect use, but in actual practice.

I've been "perfect" in my charting for about 6 years. I can't sustain it for 20 more!

The potential side effects are worth it to me.

I think a lot of it comes from people for whom this is a religious choice. Since hormonal birth control isn't an option for them anyway, they have no desire or motivation to understand the reasons someone not religious would choose differently from them. It's easier to just dismiss them as uneducated or hypocritical.

And I chose a midwife and homebirth the first time. Going for a natural hospital VBAC this time.

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