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February 20th, 2013, 12:59 PM
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In my honest opinion, I don't understand why anyone would prefer a C-section. You should really do some research. Recovery is longer, you'll have a scar, your stomach and core muscles undergo major trauma, it can cause immense bladder damage, and has other huge risks. Recover from vaginal birth is so much easier in most cases. After C-section, you will have a hard time driving, picking up your child for weeks, and other things that will not happen with a vaginal birth. Being that he will be away, recovery and post birth ability of you to care for your child alone should be considered.

Labor is generally long, at least 12 hours in most all cases... won't that give him time? You'll also have a due date, signs or prelabor, and other indicators of when he/she will be coming.

Are you going to breastfeed? Breasfeeding is SO much more difficult when you've had a C-section. For one, it is hard to hold your child due to stomach pain. Second, the trigger for your body to start really producing milk is vaginal delivery. With a C-section, your body doesn't realize you've given birth and it is very hard, impossible for some, to get your milk to come in.

Did you know that C-section babies often have issues with their hearing and ears? Fluid is squeezed out of their ears during vaginal delivery and this doesn't happen in a C-section.

Did you know that your baby has no bacteria in his/her digestive track and will populate his her entire system with bacteria from your vagina? This is actually idea as you will have the same flora. This does not happen in a C-section.

I'd highly advise you to continue to research the risks and side effects of C-section to you and your unborn child.
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