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February 20th, 2013, 04:52 PM
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For the last couple days, I have had a bachache. I thought resting it would help - nope. So I went to the gym - nope. I just went out and bought some tylenol and popped one 500mg tablet - let's hope that works. It's so frustrating! Pre-pregnancy I would have considered perhaps a toke or two to loosen it up, but that's out obviously. I don't really like tylenol though and find it doesn't normally work for me (I'm an ibuprofin person, normally). I'm going to prep dinner now, and afterward, take a hot shower and heat up the heating pad. I feel bad going to all these lengths to basically just lay around when my DH is coming home now from working 12 hours to work some more, until 10 pm. Things are so tough for him at work, I want to be bustling around doing stuff too. Dumb backache.. I don't have any cramping so I'm not concerned about it being bad, just terribly annoying and sore.

Anyone else getting back pain this early?
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