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February 20th, 2013, 05:30 PM
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My sister is at the ER for severe vaginal bleeding (not pregnant) and severe cramping. So my mom is leaving tonight to make the 10-12 hour drive BY HERSELF with no sleep (since 7am)... Against my advice.. So now I'm worried about my mom and my sister. If y'all could please keep them in your thoughts/prayers.

On top of all that, today has just been weird and emotional..
SO decided this morning that since we need to save money, he would rather I don't get him anything for our anniversary next month. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but I've been planning what to get him since November. So now I guess I'll have to get it another time. Then, I was really counting on DD going to her day's this afternoon because I just really needed a few minutes to myself... But nope she decided she was going to just cry and beg not to go... Then to top it all off, my mom grabbed me a pizza at the store today. It was supposed to be a spinach mushroom and garlic pizza, I really really wanted the mushroom part... I go to put it in the oven a few minutes ago and it's a white pizza.. No mushrooms, no garlic, etc.. So I'm still hungry and slightly devastated. I'm just having one of those days I guess.. Made worse, of course, by pregnancy hormones...

Okay, rant over...

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