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February 20th, 2013, 07:06 PM
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Hi...I've been stalking this board for a while now and convinced its the board for me. I used to post on the ttcal board and then I just had to stop for a while cause I was getting way to obsessed over the matter. Here's my story...
I am 29, dh is 37, and D's is 10. I decided in 2011 that I wanted to have another one so we started trying in august ans I found out I was preggo after 1st try......I was in disbelief...I even thought for a little while that it wasn't right for me..but I quickly got over it and I was super excited about being pregnant. I went to my 1st drs appt and they did an ultrasound....the sack was there, but nothing else really...I went back for the next two weeks once a week and found out that nothing had changed, no heartbeat. I had a d and c in November and I've been ttc ever since .I started getting ma about 5 months ago...I've been on 50 mg of clomid and I've had 2 iui's. I'm at 9dpiui today. I just don't feel it this month either....if it doesn't work he wants to try one more iui then do a laporoscopy....I really don't know what To do anymore....its just getting to be so much.....but i do want a baby....I just don't know if my body does....I had a rough timecarrying ds and that was 10 years ago.....I don't know....
But I've been reading all your stories and I'm hoping and praying that you all get your r rainbow babies

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