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February 20th, 2013, 10:36 PM
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So I was asked the first day of my cycle. It started with a miscarriage on December 9th, I ovulated on January 8th, due October 1st.

They told me that the miscarriage was not the first day of my cycle. Asked me, "Are you counting that just because you bled?"

" My uterus evacuated all that lining and blood... Lasted 9 days. December 9th, cycle day 1."

"Well, that's not the first day of your last cycle."

"Ooooookay. Sometime in October I had another case of my lining ruining my day. I ovulated about 28 days later around Thanksgiving. Got pregnant, lost it December 9th, the day that was not the first day of this cycle. I've since ovulated a SECOND time this cycle. It was in January."

"Mam, we have to put something on here."

*sigh* "Christmas 2012. Mother Nature left me a 'present.'"

"Okay so your dates are off--"

"Miscarriage. Ovulated January 8th."

"We'll just get you an ultrasound. So how long are your cycles?"

How am I not doing these peoples' jobs?
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