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February 21st, 2013, 02:01 AM
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Hi everyone... I posted in secondary issues Also... New to jm. We have been trying since April 2012. I lost my period in feb 2012... Didn't know why at the time but later found it was hypothalamic amanoreah. I ended up going to ob (she was terrible) I was basically brushed aside since in under 30 this time I had bmi 19 not eating meat ... Very restrictive with food ie. no fat products no carbs no cheese definately no sugars except fruit...I was excersising sometimes 2x per day for an intese hour. My ob said this had nothing to do with my period that I "looked" healthy ie not too thin and she gave me estrogen and progesterone after provera didn't work.

I began eating more and working out a lot less and almost no cardio. I took the hrt after 3 months I finally got a withdrawal bleed called on and asked to start clomid...she ignored me for 3 months then finally said there was nothing more she would do for me.

I went to a fertility clinic ..did a ton of tests and a sono histogram and rulles everything else out. Then he said my horomone levels have always been normal that I should stop my hrt. I did...I got a withdrawal bleed and he put me on clomid like I wanted...he didn't think it would work and thought I would need injectables but thought this would be cheaper so we tried it first.
I took clomid day 3-7 and went in for daily blood and ultrasounds on day 17 I ovulated without a trigger shot... Now I'm just waiting!!
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