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February 21st, 2013, 04:44 AM
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Yesterday, 21 +4 w, I did the gender ultrasound.
I was already resigned to the fact that the child was with her legs crossed, or turned back, or in some absurd position, but no, at some point opened her legs and shows. There will be a baby girl.
I have to admit, having a 4 year old girl yet, I was hoping that this was a boy, but patience, we can't choose the sex . The moment of disappointment that I had, already passed.
For measurements, the gynecologist told me that the baby is about 28 cm long and weighs about 450 grams (I don't know which units are used in the U.S.). All measurements are gestational age, the rest is all ok, legs, arms, brain, stomach, kidneys, heart etc..
We decided on the name, Veronica arrives (the first child is called Maddalena). Do you like it?
For statistical curiosity, have more children or girls to be born in June 2013?

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