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February 21st, 2013, 06:05 AM
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We got our SA results back, and the numbers leave a bit to be desired. Here they are, with normal in parentheses.

pH - 9 (7.2-8.1)
Liquefaction - <30 minutes ( <30 minutes)
Viscosity - Normal
Volume - <0.5 (1.5)
Count - 4 (15)
Initial Motility - 66% (>40%)
Progress Motility - 43 (>32%)
Morphology - 28% (>30%)
Other - Large amount of immature germ cells

So pH is high, but from what I understand that sways boy and could have something to do with the lemon water he's been drinking so I'm okay with that. Volume and count are terrible. He's recently had the flu and an upper respiratory infection with a fever and was on two rounds of antibiotics, so that could be affecting his numbers. Of course even if he doesn't have anything "wrong" with him it will still take 3 months for things to get back to where they need to be. Morphology is also low, but not terribly low. The motility looks pretty darn good. I am hoping that because his motility is better than normal the few sperm he does have that are the right shape will be able to get to where they need to be. I don't know what the immature germ cells mean and trying to research it made my brain hurt.

Right now the plan is to keep going with this cycle and DH is going to try and make an appointment with the urologist today. It really depends on what the urologist says for our long term plan. If he thinks we still have a decent chance of conceiving doing what we're doing while he undergoes treatments then we will. If he thinks there's not much point until the numbers get better then I might see about going on Lupron in the interim. If he suggests we will have to do IUI or IVF we will probably just give up, work on me getting better (which likely means a hysterectomy), and start working towards adoption.

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