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February 21st, 2013, 06:56 AM
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Yeah, Veronika does similar stuff. Actually, sometimes after she goes back into her room, DH & I just sit and laugh because the excuses she comes up with to leave her bedroom can be pretty original... "When I bend my finger like this, not like that, but like this, it HURTS." Or, "When I hold my Nemo up, I see his shadow on the wall and it's scary."

We also fill her sippy cup with water before bed and explained to her that if she chooses to drink the whole thing right away, she's not getting more water. That makes her upset, but we give it to her because it gets dry a bit at night during the winter, for those cases, not to drink the whole thing before bed.

Also, my DH puts Sebastian to sleep while I deal with the girls. It's easier that way. They only start cleaning their toys at 7:30pm.. then bath, teeth, story, and goodnight. Usually, they are both in bed by 8:30pm and we allow up to 30 minutes of talking (they share a room); usually, by 9pm they are both asleep but if they're still talking, we go in there and make them say goodnight to each other.
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