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February 21st, 2013, 08:35 AM
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The midwives around here usually charge the clients directly and it's up to the client to submit info to insurance for reimbursement. We live in a gray area for home birth though and it's very difficult to get insurance to cover home birth.

Have you interviewed any other midwives to see how they do things? What does home birth cost in your area on average. Most midwives do complete prenatal care plus birth care for around $3000 around here. Normally, the afterbirth care is more work than actual birth care for midwives. That is the most delicate time for baby and mom, and most midwives stay around to clean and make sure everyone is stable. So I can completely understand why they would not refund the fee.

Usually interviewing multiple midwives will help make sure you feel confident in the care you are getting.
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