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February 21st, 2013, 10:20 AM
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My son does not latch at this point so I am exclusively pumping. I feel like I am the only mom in the world doing it, or the only person in my house that understands how much work or time it takes. I mean after i feed him, burp him, change him and get him settled down then pump, clean pump parts, store milk ect I have killed at least an hour, more often more, and then he is up 3 hours from the time I started feeding him so like 2 hours later or less.

Going out at this point for any period of time longer than an hour is impossible until I get my car lighter plus adapter for my pump, because my hand held manual pump does not seem to work as well as my electric, plus trying to pump while driving down the road is a bit harder then one would expect..LOL especially in Florida where covering up even in AC while manually pumping makes you sweat!

I have other kids and a house to take care of and I feel like nothing is getting done but feeding, changing and pumping sometimes I wonder why I bother pumping.. then I look at his little face and remember I was just hoping some other ladies here could relate to the frustration that sometimes goes along wit pumping exclusively, so that perhaps I would not feel so alone. My DH is hugely supportive of my pumping but my friends and family keep telling me to just put him on formula and then don't understand when I get upset.
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