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February 21st, 2013, 02:06 PM
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Well I now have less than a month until I meet this little baby! I am very excited and I think everything is pretty much ready! We redid the guest bed and bathroom for the birth since they are downstairs and it will be quieter for the sleeping kiddos. I have scrounged up a bag of baby girl stuff and a bag of baby boy stuff (pretty lame I already got rid of almost everything...) I had the midwife over on Tuesday for our home visit and that was really nice and exciting!

On a less perky note I currently have a sinus infection I had to get antibiotics for today never fun but hopefully they work quickly, I have already been sick for a week.

I also had to fire the photographer I was planning to use for my birth she had a hard time getting usable images in my maternity session because of the dim lighting. I have had the last two babies at home with candle light only so dim light will 99.9% be a factor and I don't really know her ability to use a "bounce-flash" since she has never used one at the births she has done. I didn't want her taking pictures and me being concerned that she wasn't getting the shots, I just really wouldn't have felt comfortable with here there.

We contacted the woman who took our photos last time at the birth and she is excited to do it again, however she will be gone from March 8-14th and I am due on the 15th. I feel such a great sense of relief knowing I am not going to have the other photographer there that I would rather risk not having anyone there. Since both of the other kids have been about a week past the due date I am pretty sure she will be back before anything gets too exciting.

Anyhow that's where I am at and again I can't wait to meet this busy little baby!

I wanted to add some pictures of the photo session I did with my husband
(None of the photos from the photographer were printable)


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