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February 21st, 2013, 03:16 PM
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I did talk to the only other 3 options in our area. One was closing up her business and the other two were $4,000. It's a lot cheaper than hospital birth BUT not for me. I have really decent insurance so we paid about $1,000 for my last baby. I like her a lot, DH just has his concerns.

Originally Posted by GranolaMama View Post
Did you by chance ask her how many times she has missed a birth? Except for in the case of extremely fast labors where it's just impossible for the midwives to make it in time, missing a birth is quite rare.
Well the reason that I asked her was actually because I have a friend who used her and she missed her birth. My last birth was 3 hours and she's an hour away. I FLY from 6-10 so I am a possibility for one of those fast labors! She said it happens sometimes and that it's definitely a possibility in my case but I'm hoping that I can just call her a little early!

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