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February 21st, 2013, 09:38 PM
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. Not planned, not even in the slightest, but here we go again. This time around, no meds for me. No prometrium. I have been on it for over the last 3yrs, which is no good for my hormone positive breast cancer. I have decided to let fate see this one through. I did have 4 kids previous to my loss's and my rainbow baby's, and none of their pregnancy's were with meds. It was always precautionary anyway with my last 3 due to the 3 loss's before them. I believe it were meant to be, then this will be. I do have an eary feeling that Im due for m/c and nothing will stop that, so lets see where fate takes us! Since my youngest is only 3mo, DH is getting the big V no matter the outcome. I already feel complete, so no matter the ending, we will never see pink lines again.

ETA: Im due 11/5. So this will be another October baby, and only 11mo between my last one. I go for betas on Monday and Wednesday next week as well as progesterone testing. I will be 13dpo with my first draw.

Update 2/22: Started spotting last night and still today. Nothing to bad, but my lines are getting lighter this afternoon. I think this will all be over by Sunday, then I wont need the beta's on Monday. Tomorrow's test will tell me all I need to know. I'd call it now, but this morning's was darker than yesterday's, but since then they have been lighter and my urine is very concentrated, so not that.

momma of 8 beautiful children now. Most recent is Jerry Jr. born 11/19/12 at 37wk, 7lbs 6oz and 19.5inches and Baby Reymundo born 10/7/13 at 35w6d, 6lbs 7oz, 19.5 inches. Momma of 5 angels. New siggy to come!

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