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February 21st, 2013, 09:47 PM
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I had my scan today and we have 3 follicles I am glad we went in CD12 because one was at 22. The others two were 17 & 19 so they should be good to go I think.
I convinced her to let me trigger at home tonight and then do the IUI Saturday morning This is the first time I will get to do an IUI 36 hours later! They don't do that timing at this clinic and it drives me nuts! Obviously 24 hours can work but everything I have read says 36 hours is better. It's been forever since I have done injections so that flashbacks...
My lining was 9! Yay!! That's the thickest it's been since starting MA this time around (which was over a year ago now ) so I am loving Femara!

I had to go get a beta draw stat because I never went back to see it go to 0. I knew it would be but we already got the results and it was 0 so I am good Kinda bittersweet tho.

So my plan is, I am going to BD tonight (since it worked for us last cycle) and trigger and then IUI Saturday morning

side note:
I finally gave in and took the board's advice and went to the Dr yesterday. She thinks sinus infection and I started antibiotics yesterday. My temp was still up today and I am exhausted so I am hoping it works soon because I am sick of being SICK! and I guess i am not temping this month! No use now I guess!
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