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February 22nd, 2013, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Lady Lotus View Post
on Earth....

What do you do:

For your kids?
For your DH/SO?
For your Neighbor?
For the World?
For Yourself?

1. Hugs/kisses and letters telling them how proud I am of them and what they can accomplish with a little fun and faith in themselves and world around them. And Id go buy those recordable storybooks to do one for each of them so they could remember my voice.
2. Hugs/kisses and lots of love talk(easy enough as we do a lot of the talk now with things as they are).
3. Hugs and Id ask what I can do for them today.
4. Id go around and donate to every store that has cans and signs up for donations. Then Id write a grand letter and send it to all the news stations. Just a letter talking about people finding hope and love in all things and to start seeing the beauty again in life cuz we've lost too much of that and respect for one another.
5. Spa day(well a couple hours anyway LOL)...never had one so Id treat myself to one!

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