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February 22nd, 2013, 07:32 AM
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Take a picture or find a picture that you find beautiful(whether spiritual or not) and post it here. '
Lets reflect on the beauty that there is around us in so many forms.
Give a brief reason why that picture called to you or why you took it!

I love this picture cuz this is the Goddess that called to me(Lakshmi) and her mate. Its just a beautiful picture of love between them and it reminds me of my and my hubby.

Love this one because we arent all a size 2 or shaped like an hourglass. This is the Venus of Willendorf and she was worshipped and thought of as the ultimate woman(so to speak) and I think many women need reminding that we are all beautiful no matter our size or shape!

And finally, my men...because I love this pic of them together all snuggly and disheveled

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