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September 5th, 2006, 08:01 PM
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I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of April. I was about 6 weeks. I knew something was going on right from the strat because I didnt feel good any of the time and had that "Mother's Instinct" feeling. I told my husband about 2 weeks later. He was exstatic but I still had my doubts because I knew something wasnt right. I had very severe headaches, stomach cramps, spotting, low blood pressure and hypoglycemic. I couldn't even wwalk through the store without passing out. Within the first 2 months after I found out about the pg I lost about 15 pounds due to morning sickness. Every 3 weeks I went to the DR and he listened to the heartbeat. Always sounded good. But at every visit he said something about a miscarriage. That also made me very nervous.

On July 4th I had severe cramps. Couldn't get out of bed. Everyone said I looked like the life was being drained out of me. On July 11th I went in to the Dr for an ultra sound. My mom and 2 little girls were with me. The Dr was trying to see if it was a boy or a girl. But he wouldnt let us see. He even wiggled my stomach to see if the baby would let him see but nothing.

That next saturday July 15th I woke up to go to work and the spotting had changed colors so I went straight to the closest hospital. My hospital was an hour away and I didnt want to drive that far by myself. When i got there the nurse said she couldnt find a heartbeat and sent me to u/s. I had picked my husband up on my way so I wasnt alone. He had went outside to use the phone when they took me to u/s the nurse couldnt find anything and didnt say anything except I need to get the radiologist and walked out. He came in and said "Maam your baby does not have a heartbeat" I was alone and freaked out! They insisted I had to be induced and deliver him. I begged them not to make me do that but they said my uterus would bust if they try to take him by surgery.

They enduced me and all i need was a loratab for pain. I deleivered him On July 16, 2006 at 5:35 pm He was 6.6 oz and 8 1/4 in long. It took a while before I got to see him. The reason he passed away was because he had a double cord accident. The cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck they could barely get it off. and it was also tied in a "true not".

Come to find he had been gone for over a week almost 2. So the day I had the u/s he was gone and since that one time the DR didnt check the heartbeat he didnt know or just didnt tell me. WHen I went back and looked at the u/s from that day Alex never moved during it and you can't see a heartbeat anywhere.

I named him Alexander Wayne (the great protector). I got to hold and see him as well as my grandparents, parents and one of my sisters. It is something I will always remember. And I thank GOD everyday that they made me be induced or I never wouldve had that chance.

I said I would never go back to that DR! Unless it was to beat the mess out of him (LOL) So i started going to the on call DR that was at the hospital when I delivered him. I had to go in a few 2 weeks after because of severe pain and he did nothing. Asked me what was going on wrote a RX and walked out. And thats it. I was so mad! At that time my original DR didnt know anything about what was going on. He was on vacation! After I called him and told him what happened he called me and asked me to come in and talk to him. I did and we talked for a long time. MAde me feel a little better but I still was unsure about him.

He started me on Lexapro and BC(this was 2 weeks after we loat Alex). I took it for about a week and something told me to stop. Besides the fact that the Lexapro was making me worse than I was before.

Over the next 2 weeks I started noticing that some of my pregnancy symptoms were coming back. Didnt want anyone to touch me while I was sleeping. no appetite, gums bleeding at night. I didnt think nothing about it. Thought there was no way I was preg already. I went to the DR on August 29 for my 6 week check up and told the nurse about my concerns so she did a pg test and it was a BFP! I didnt beleive her at first and made her show me the test.

I am still not staying with this Dr. Just going to him for now till I can change to a local DR. I will never trust him completely no matter how nice he is
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