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February 23rd, 2013, 12:13 AM
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I am 18 years old and recently just had my daughter. She was actually a month old on the 21st. Anyways, me and my boyfriend live with his mother for now and her boyfriend. Well his brother and sister are 16 and 13. They live with their dad which is literally 5 minutes away. They practically come over EVERYDAY. His brother isn't that bad but his sister sits there and tells me what to do with my daughter and its starting to really irritate me. I feel like she is my child an. I know when she needs to be fed or when she is hungry but she makes it appoint to tell me anyways. I do not want to be mean to her but it is getting to the point where I go in my room and cry because it upsets me so much that she acts like she knows so much when she is not a parent! I get so angry and depressed over it. I just need some good things to say to her that will make her leave me alone and not tell me what and when to do things with MY BABY. I'm sure a bunch of mothers have had this problem or similar to this. So what did y'all do???
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