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February 23rd, 2013, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by kristenpie View Post
so your husbands are naked in front of daughters and vice versa?
do they ever ask inappropriate things like if they can look or touch and how do you handle that?
well my husband doesn't shower with her or anything but if she walks in the room when he is getting dressed we don't make a big deal about it, she hasn't asked to look or touch so I guess that isn't an issue. And like I said we aren't nudists or anything lol it's just if we are naked we don't rush to cover up. She also still bathes with her brother sometimes and she knows that other peoples privates aren't for touching, etc. I don't know the right answer to the question I suppose it's all what you are comfortable with and how the child responds, it really hasn't been a big issue with us, there will come a time when our kids will become uncomfortable with it I am sure and then we will adapt. I still shower with both kids sometimes, also so far not an issue, yes questions are asked by both my kiddos like why do boys/girls have this and I have that kinda thing, I just try to explain that boys and girls are different and then they move unto something else. For us anyway it isn't something either of my kiddos have dwelled on much, they might ask a question yes but once they get a kid appropriate answer they just move on. It might not always be that easy but for now it is.
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