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February 23rd, 2013, 03:01 PM
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First of all--WOW, you've had a busy few years, but what an idiot Will was! *shaking my head* He didn't deserve you. It's a shame when things look one way though and you find out the truth, but it's almost insulting how easy it was for you to find out! Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Not to mention you gave him a second chance and he screwed it up again. AFTER you two were married! Oh hon, I am so so sorry but you are such a strong woman to end it.

It makes me sad that Will did that to you, and that the other guy took advantage of you when you were a good friend to him. I can also understand why you don't want the father to know you are pregnant! I'm glad you have your parents to stay with and sounds like they are going to be REALLY supportive. I also think it's great you will stay home to breastfeed him and bond with him for a while before returning to work. I think that's best. And if you have your parents to help out, I say hang in there and wait it out for the job you deserve. You seem really responsible and level-headed, so you'll be a great mom Also, once the first year is up on his insurance you should be able to continue insurance for him--it might be free still or might be low-cost, but either way, stay on top of that

For vaccines, the best "neutral" book out there to get started I think is the Doctor Sears Vaccine Book. it's not pro OR anti vaccine, but it has a lot of information. As for plain facts data--I really had to dig for that stuff when we were in the process of deciding. Everyone seems to have an agenda. Sometimes it helps to look at studies from both sides and look at the DATA (NOT the conclusions!) and then figure out what you think the middle ground really is. I think the truth is probably somewhere in between. There is a lot of information and facts out there, the problem is that it's often buried under opinions and slants and study "conclusions", where they take the data and slant it to imply something they want it to.

I have a lot to prepare for baby still. Not clothes so much, since my friend just gave me a ton of clothes and I know lots of girl mamas who want to give me hand me downs (and nice things, too!). But I still need the stroller, car seat, pack and play, swing, bouncer seat, etc. All the big items. Also need towels, washcloths, more bibs, socks, etc. But I have time. I have to wait for my advance to come in on one of my books. What about you? What's left on your list?
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