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February 23rd, 2013, 06:44 PM
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I feel torn on the U/S. There definitely isn't long term research to prove they are safe even though doctors love to insist they are. We have had 3 so far. I had a m/c before this pregnancy at 7weeks, but I didn't find out till almost 10 wks when I just had a feeling something was wrong. I wished I'd just had one at 8 weeks that time, b/c 3 weeks is a long time to get attached to being pregnant, I just think it would have been easier. So, this time we had one at 8wks, then one at 20 b/c I did want to know what we were having, and check baby's kidneys (SIL only has 1, and didn't find out till she had lots of problems as a teenager) Then we just had one to ease my mind that he was head down. That one was probably unnecessary since I was pretty sure and so was my midwife.

The funny thing is...I really don't like U/S's. I know mom's just want to stare at their babies all day, but once we found out the gender, and then that baby was head down, I was kinda done. The tech kept going b/c you get so long, but I get bored! Is that terrible??? Plus the one I had at 37 weeks was super uncomfy laying on my back, and she kept trying to get good pics and I just wanted to leave!

As far as the doppler, I am totally guilty on owning one. My midwife used one until she could hear it on the fetoscope, and then she asks if I want to hear on the doppler. I bought one for myself b/c my midwife couldn't find the hb at our 11 week visit, I knew I couldn't go another 4 weeks worrying about it. I used it very sparingly, once or twice a week just till I heard the hb, then would stop. Once baby started moving around 18 weeks, I stopped using it.

I am shocked to hear people in my DDC who literally get an U/S every visit. I just don't see the need. My sister had them at every visit with her twins, but even then, I'm not sure how necessary that is.

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