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February 23rd, 2013, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Kelllilee View Post
Hopefully buying a car. We have a couple we're going to look at. *fingers crossed*

Other than that, I desperately need to get some projects done (sewing and cleaning).
Oooh exciting! I hope something works out for you!

Originally Posted by KtKuKi View Post
I was supposed to have my 38 week home visit with my midwife's assistant, but they had a birth and she had to cancel. She said the assistants mostly do a home visit so they know where the house is at, so its possible we may not make it up.

So I still went to my parents and got in their hot tub, which felt fantastic! I keep thinking I'm going to gain a ton of weight in between now and the birth and that getting in the hot tub during labor will be impossible, but I managed easily today, so I may be getting in it afterall.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese that I am completely dreading. At first I insisted DH go with me so he could follow DD around, but he unexpectedly had to work today and wasn't able to clean our carpets, so he'll be doing that instead (I think he's thrilled to get out of the party!)
You are getting so close!

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