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February 23rd, 2013, 07:41 PM
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My mom had all natural births, but in a hospital setting. Growing up she spoke very openly and positively about natural birth, so I always knew I wanted to go natural. In fact I've been convinced since I was 8 years old that one day I will be a midwife! As soon as I graduated high-school I enrolled in a training course to become a Doula. Through the training i started to learn about how many problems we have in our maternity system, and started considering home-birth. But it was after I had the opportunity to witness my oldest sister birthing her first baby at home that I was sold on the idea! It just seemed so normal and natural - It was beautiful!

I got married 3 months later, and 8 months after that, just after moving several states away, I found out I was pregnant. I searched all over for a home-birth midwife, but the only one I could find was not certified, and our personalities did NOT mesh well, so at 18 weeks I finally gave up and went to my friends CNM who delivered in a small town hospital. It ended up being a great experience, and I really liked that midwife, but there were things I didn't like about the hospital setting and I still had my heart set on HB.. so when I got pregnant the second time I started researching further and finally found a CPM who lived 30 minutes from me and was willing to come attend my birth. It was awesome and (barring a medical emergency) I will never go back to a hospital again! We have actually moved south again, so I had to find another midwife for this pregnancy, but I love the teem I have now!

Ultimately, I view birth as being a natural, normal bodily function, and I consider hospitals a place for emergencies or sick people; as a mom, I'm neither of those, so why go and expose myself to germs when I could be in the warmth, safety and comfort of my own home?

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