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February 24th, 2013, 11:26 AM
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to calls and texts from bm and her mother. We were going to just block them from our phones, but decided instead to just ignore them. We don't want to deal with bm's moms attitude anymore.

SD is sick. She posted on Facebook this morning that she was miserable. She didn't explain that she was miserable with a sinus infection. So bm's mother was posted:
" Oh honey, I am sad to hear you are miserable. Me and your mommy love you so much and will always be here for you. Please call us so we can talk to you. Whatever it is we can help you through it. You are such a good girl and some people just need to realize that and stop what they are doing. Your mommy and I understand what you are going through. Things will change."

They must have tried calling sd when she was napping. Before she went to sleep she turned her ringer off because the sinus pressure was hurting so much, even with tylenol and the antibiotics from the dr, that she just wanted to go to sleep.

So I get a text from grandma about what is wrong with sd, why is she so miserable...and why isn't she answering her phone. And that me and hubby shouldn't be so hard on her with groundings and such because it is really making her upset! If we just look at Facebook we can see how miserable we are making the poor girl by being so controlling.

LMAO! Ummm...she isn't grounded....she is sick! But I ignored it. Hubby got the same message texted to him and he ignored it. We didn't say anything to sd about it, she can call them back when she feels like it. I am sure when she wakes up she will see any missed calls or texts on her phone and any Facebook comments.

In the meantime I made sure to comment on sd's Facebook post about being miserable. I said

"sinus infections are miserable and hopefully the antibiotics from the dr. yesterday will get you feeling better quickly! Me and dad will continue waiting on you hand and foot like we always do when you are sick Love Mom and Dad XOXO "

Hopefully grandma sees that response soon online and feels stupid.

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